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This is just to remind you that the admin's word is final in all disputes and no communication will be entered into on any subject that any Admin or Mod chooses to close, alter or even delete, it is a choice that might not often get used, but if we have to we will. This is to keep the board and threads focussed on their subjects. We will allow a bit of posts wandering off, of subjects but be prepared for it to be split or moved or even deleted if necessary etc at the whim of the Admins and Mods on this site! It will not be done to upset anyone but more in the way of housekeeping a bit.

Deleteing is not a step that is taken lightly and is only used if there is no other way out of the situation, like moving it etc. So do not get upset should a post here and there seem to simply vanish, we will however keep this to a minimum at all times.

Please note that all new members have to be approved by an admin before you can post anything on here, this has been done to keep the board on an even keel so to speak, it will cut down on trolls etc getting on here!

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